A downloadable game for Windows

Battle Bolts is a turn-based action strategy board multiplayer game where up to 4 players battle by programming moves in advance.

Think ahead and plan your next 4 moves in a deadly arena, avoid pits, use conveyor belts to move around, hide behind walls, dash and strafe to pull unexpected stunts and confuse your enemies.

This is an early prototype, showcased at Reboot Develop in April 2018, coming from Croteam Incubator and created by Shot Second developers/fans of RoboRally.


To check the latest version of the game please visit Steam:







Install instructions

- download
- unzip
- run BattleBolts.exe


BattleBolts-Alpha_v0.03.zip 956 MB

Development log


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Multiplayer combat chess for non-chess players... Neat! :D


Its is unlocked on my birthday :DD

Happy belated birthday. :) I hope you'll like it.


thank you! I can't wait for cheesecake and food


I would love to see a Linux version of this game eventually! It looks great


I managed to run the game on Linux by using  "Wine" software check it out if you wish :) 

I got it to load with Proton 3.16.4, but the game couldn't detect my game controllers

It's not planned right now in Early Access on Steam, but anything can happen till full release. :) It all depends on how many people will support the team and the game on Steam and start playing. ;) 


Wow! this game looks amazing! too bad there is no Mac version, So I can test it as well! but I love the concept! Keep it up! 

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Thank you for the link, we'll check it out. :)


You guys definitely have your chances ;) 


Oh wow that's a useful link! Thanks ;D